Tim & Gina's Vision woven together. From years of being immersed in Mother Nature, Yoga, Foraging, Medicinal Plants and Ceremonial practice. They have magically woven together. 

Tim & Gina warmly welcome you to experience some of this beauty with them. 

Tim Wells grew up nurturing & learning from his land. He’s grown a relationship with it over 30 plus years, from his father. It speaks to him. He has a deep, beautiful &  in this day & age rare connection. Woven with deep wisdom of plants & teachings. Come learn & experience his vision. Forage plants & learn about their edible & medicinal benefits. Learn how to give back to nature & see how much she provides. Re wild your ways. Come explore the trees, natural spring & all the beauty in-between..

Tim worked in the microbiology lab at a dairy producing long life milk and saw how the food and farming industry can improve its relationship to the land and natural ways of farming. Inspired by permaculture, biodynamics, organic movement and Masanobu Fukuoka’s zen farming Tim created Wethersfield Eco Project. A smallholding rotating micro pigs through agro forestry to create and sustain wildlife habitat producing food, herbal medicine and host foraging tours, cacao ceremonies and nature connection.

This land has a special energy. Set in the valley with the hillside gives 360 degrees view of natural landscape. Wethersfield Eco Project is the historic parkland of Wethersfield Manor. Veteren Oaks and Sequoia Grace the woodland hillside with badgers and foxes in the sandy hills, buzzards and kites soaring the thermals and micro pigs grazing the wildflower meadow and wallowing in the ponds full of dragonfly and newts. Natural spring water issues from underground and was pumped by hand up the hill to the Manor House in victorian times by hand as their drinking water. More recently this high quality water was diverted into fish stock ponds and now is tapped as the finest fresh water for water ceremonies bathing therapy and herbal preparations. This land is naturally protected from electromagnetic pollution from mains electricity and mobile phone signal and wifi. The special natural energies are preserved and allowed to flourish. Every visitor and volunteer and every herb picked adds to the appreciation and energy of this ancient land. Come and bring your good to our land we want to share it with you.

Gina has woven her years of studying Yoga, Transcendental Meditation and playing Handpan, she was guided to use Cacao in healing an immense personal trauma. Since experiencing the profound impact and the deep healing she found through working with this sacred plant, she has felt guided to share this gift with others, through a mix of ceremonial work, creative play, universal teachings & meditation. She is Keith’s Cacao Practitioner and Stockist and is blessed to be part of the support team. She has a British Wheel of Yoga 500 hour teacher training.

She has a personal and sacred relationship with water and feels called to share offerings.
She incorporates her skills from many years training, to create a safe and harmonious space.
Creativity through play is a core part of her exploration, and she often uses art, sculpture, poetry, heART and drum sound bath during her circles to open the heart space. 

Gina has been blessed to have Alistair Shearer as her Transcendental Meditation teacher, his teachings have been a gift. Her passion is Yoga beyond the Mat, weaving Vedic teachings and Sanskrit universal teachings. Accompanied by blessed Mamma Cacao. With a love of Earth & Water offerings and Drum & Sound Baths. Gina plays the hang pan in accompaniment to yoga practice and plays a shamanic drum.

Gina also talks at the local church bringing  her vision to inter faith spirituality.

Tim & Gina have a variety of medicinal herbs, plants, Tea's, Tintures and a Sacred Sexual Box filled with date night delights, also available, please contact for more information, some products may be  avaliable seasonally.